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Sixth Form

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Welcome to English Language & Literature

Have you ever wondered what a writer is trying to imply in their work? How they create a ‘character’ who seems real, who you could meet? How you are persuaded to visit Paris just by the words on a piece of paper?

This exciting course will enable you to explore these ideas and more using linguistic terminology and literary concepts.

You will study an anthology of short extracts centred around Paris; these range from websites to diary entries, short stories and audio guides, to name but a few. You are assigned the task of writing pieces which could be published in national newspapers or novels. This course is unique in that it allows you to analyse both language and literature studying a range of novels, plays and non-fiction.

You will develop your ability to produce essays about the choices writers make, and the course will allow you to develop your skills as a writer.


The English Language & Literature course is comprised of three assessments, two written examinations and one coursework piece.

  • Paper 1
    This unit is a three-hour examination, which is worth 40% of the course certification.
    This assessment will be comprised of one compulsory question on the AQA Anthology: Paris, one question from a choice of two questions on prose set text, and one question from a choice of two on poetry set text.
  • Paper 2
    This unit assessment is comprised of a one piece of re-creative writing using a set text, critical commentary, and one question from a choice of two on drama set text.
  • Coursework
    This unit assessment is a personal investigation that explores a specific technique or theme in both literary and non-literary discourse (ranging from 2,500 words to 3,500 words).

Career & Progression Opportunities

Having studied English Language, exciting career opportunities can include: digital copywriter, editorial assistant, English as a foreign language teacher, lexicographer, magazine journalist, newspaper journalist, primary school teacher, secondary school teacher.

Some areas which have traditionally attracted English Literature students include: advertising, arts administration, editing and publishing, journalism and other areas of the media, library and information management, marketing and PR work, the legal profession.

Entry Requirements

If you’d like to study English Language & Literature, then you’ll need to at least a Grade 5 in English Language or English Literature.

You may not study English Language & Literature if you’re opting to study either the English Language A-level or the English Literature A-level.

If you’d like to, you can download this information as a PDF file. Download the English Language & Literature course information sheet (opens in a new tab) →