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Welcome to Modern Foreign Languages

Are you highly motivated, and open to new experiences? Do you want to stand out from the crowd? If this sounds like you, then join the exclusive A-level language club! Only 3% of students in England can speak a modern foreign language at this level.

If you want to expand your linguistic skills, delve into and debate the pros and cons of contemporary issues, as well as learning about other cultures in another language, then this is the course for you. You will learn the language in the context of modern foreign language speaking countries (Spanish, French and German), and the issues and influences which have shaped them, You will study texts and film, and have the opportunity to carry out independent research on an area of your choice.


Modern Foreign Language courses are comprised of three examinations.

  • Paper 1: Listening, Reading & Writing Examination
    This exam is comprised of a listening element, reading element and a writing element. This exam will involve the translation to and from English, and to and from the target language (i.e. Spanish). This exam will last for 2 hours 30 minutes, and is worth 50% of the course certification.
  • Paper 2: Writing & Grammar Examination
    This exam is comprised of questions on set text and film. This exam will last for 2 hours, and is worth 20% of the course certification.
  • Paper 3: Speaking Examination
    This exam is an oral exam, lasting between 21 and 30 minutes. This exam will involve the discussion of a sub-theme based on a stimulus card, and the presentation of an individual research project. This exam is worth 30% of the course certification.

Career & Progression Opportunities

This is one of the most challenging A-levels that is available for study, and for that reason alone, universities and employers alike value this qualification.

Opportunities for MFL students include journalism, banking, commerce, industry, interpreting and translating, linguistics, teaching, the Diplomatic Service, the EU, travel and tourism.

Entry Requirements

If you’d like to study an MFL course, then you will need at least a Grade 5 in a GCSE modern foreign language (German, Spanish or French). You will also need 4 other GCSE qualifications at a Grade 5 or above.

If you’d like to, you can download this information as a PDF file. Download the Languages course information sheet (opens in a new tab) →